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Fences beautify our Massachusetts landscapes and create safety and privacy for our homes, loved ones and businesses. Fences provide a divider between two properties, areas or parcels of land, both literally and symbolically. We rely on fences to keep us safe from intruders, and we admire their ability to give homes a unique look.

New Vinyl & Picket Fence in Massachusetts

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From low-cost chain-link fences to luxurious custom wrought-iron fencing and exotic woods, home fence builders offer a large variety of construction materials and styles. Keep it simple with the classic “white picket fence,” or go for something more rustic like natural-finish cedar. The fence's design can be as individual as you are.

Massachusetts businesses and industrial enterprises have their own fencing needs, with perimeter security often the top priority. Barbed-wire and security fences should be resistant to break-ins and go hand-in-hand with outdoor security systems. A good building and construction professional can help you assess your security and access needs, and you can decide together on a solution at a cost you can afford.

Are you considering building a new fence yourself? You should know fencing is a difficult task, requiring exact measurements and cuts for proper fitment, and hours of backbreaking labor involving digging post holes and heavy lifting. Working with a professional can also help you decide if your current fences can be repaired, painted and refinished, or if you really need to start fresh.

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Hiring a Massachusetts contractor and building team to construct a new fence; or repair, repaint or maintain an existing fence; should be a worry-free experience. You should look for a fence builder with specific qualifications, licensing and insurance in the field, and one who understands building code compliance. That way you get to focus on your new fence's design and materials, leaving the construction to professionals you can trust to create a finished fence to your exact specifications.

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Fencing Contractor in Massachusetts

Install, Repair, or Replace

  • Agricultural Fences
  • Barbed Wire Fencing
  • Chain-Link Fences
  • Commercial Fencing
  • Concrete Fencing
  • Custom Fences
  • Electric Fences
  • Fence Removal
  • Fence Repair
  • Green Construction Fencing
  • Hardwood Fences
  • Picket Fences
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Redwood Fencing
  • Security Fences
  • Split-Rail Fences
  • Temporary Fences
  • Wrought Iron Fencing

Fencing Service Areas in Massachusetts

Essex County

Middlesex County

Suffolk County

Norfolk County

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